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How can i protect my website form cyber attacks

Identifying Threats

It involves a number of steps, such as identification of assets, threats, existing security measures, vulnerabilities


Keep Software Updated

Keeping software up to date is important for improving the software, fixing bugs, improving security and performance issues.


Check Website Url

Not sure if a URL you're about to click on is safe?
Use tools that check the security of websites automatically.


Always On Firewall

Using a firewall in conjunction with other protective measures can help strengthen your resistance to attacks

Pentesting Academy

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API Exploitation and Security

Offensive API Exploitation and Security is a customized course that teaches how to defend your API’s.

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Mobile App Pentesting

The Mobile Application Pentesting skill path teaches you how to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps.

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Web App Pentesting

This course will help you to fast-track your career in cybersecurity by filling the gaps of requirements

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